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All services with us begin with our Roadmap Appointment. During this client intake process, we will get a better understanding of your needs and the services we or other providers can offer. Please note, for clients seeking a comprehensive psychological evaluation, the roadmap appointment fee goes towards the total assessment price.


We are private pay only. Flexible payment options are available upon request.

Roadmap Appointment (1.5 hrs)-- $350

Child Psychological Assessments--$1500

Adult Psychological Assessments--$1200

Consultation (price varies)--Free scoping call

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Roadmap Appointment

Personalized mental health planning
  • Clarity on your mental health status and needs
  • Evidence-based strategies and interventions 
  • Short and long-term recommendations, offers, and referrals
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Psychological Assessment

Developmental Evaluation
  • Clarity on your child's behavioral and social-emotional functioning
  • Determine primary areas of developmental support and diagnoses, as needed
  • Implications for home, social, and community  interventions
Man Using a Tablet


Psychological Assessment

Psychological Evaluation
  • Formal assessment and diagnosis of psychological functioning
  • Determine disorders, if any, and prioritized areas of treatment and/or support
  • Implications for informed mental health decision-making and health management
Team Meeting


Psychological and Educational
  • Individuals/families seeking a case review, follow-up services, or educational support
  • Bespoke workshops, courses, and group training and therapy experiences
  • Prices are established after a scoping appointment
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